Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Complete and total CRAP!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged. It's been a slower pace this year.  However, I recently went back in studio to work on my new project... (really freakin' excited about this one!) We just debuted some of the tunes while opening for David Allen Coe and had an awesome response! Super fun stuff!... It's not for everyone...the lyrics are edgier than my last album... but I like it! I have some of my good friends as well as some of my favorite pickers involved. The songs should be available for download soon.

It's really is such a crazy time in Nashville. The old model seems to officially be broken....actually, it has been broken for several years but I think it is really evident lately. There are so many amazing artists in this town, that if it were the 90's or early 2000's, many would have been signed long ago and on their 3rd and 4th records. I watch some of these artists through Facebook and Twitter and we are all adjusting to the slow painful change in the industry. Even artists that have had major deals and a few hits are having a rough time.

I think it is a "do it yourself" market - a  time to build your own audience out of, as they call it, "the back of your trunk"....It is a powerful and scary place. You dedicate your entire life to a craft and realize the fruits of your labor may not be enough. The "big record deal" does not exist for most.  For those that do land a deal, they find themselves in a lengthy trap like a jail sentence, where none of their efforts will ever see the light of day.... or they are stuck being a puppet artist making crappy music.....With Spotify and free downloads, no one needs to "buy" a record anymore. The days of the album appear to be dead....
Most of the successful artists in Nashville are putting out complete and total CRAP. I try not to be negative,there's a market for everything and everyone.... but I personally can't listen to mainstream radio. I am lucky to live in Nashville and to be able to get 650 AM and Lightning 100....and I admit it.... I love Spotify!

I kind of like the fact that we are getting back to a "word of mouth" promotion -  based upon how great an artist is from his or her live shows and the artist's ability to entertain a crowd. The cream will be able to rise to the top. I feel there is a growing dissatisfaction emerging for mainstream...The past years have been about bringing your daddy's money to the table and buying your stardom.... and look at where that got us... dreadful, soul-less, superficial music!

I'm fine with grassroots marketing. I never got in to music to be rich. I just want to entertain people and be able to make a living at what I love.... It's just really, really hard to make a living right now... Taking a band on the road  for a tour is expensive.... hotels, gas, sound, food...Live performance/merchandise is your ONLY profit.... You better hope you're playing five nights a week at big venues and selling 1,000s of koozies......haha!

I've been talking with some young aspiring artists lately.... they come to me seeking advice...If you are an up and coming artist thinking about moving to Nashville in this economy/market, things have changed! Be prepared for a convoluted, twisted adventure with some hard life lessons.  Nashville is definitely not as glamorous as you think...... I suggest aspiring artists spend at least five years honing your craft in the bars and fairs before you relocated here. After all, this is the ENTERTAINMENT business. Learn how to entertain!!!!! Sorry to ramble, but that is what a blog is for.. right?

With my new project, Hogtied Hannah, I've kind of "snapped"... Warning, my white trash side is showing...The new music lets me vent my frustrations in a way, haha! I've already pissed of bus loads of blue hairs at shows.  Better to make people pissed off, offended, laugh, get drunk, excited, crazy, intrigued, happy....  then....... feel...... nothing.

Think I'm on to something?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Erin James News: Wilted Flower album now available for download

What's your favorite song?

Hey guys! The new album is finally available just about everywhere - on CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and Reverbnation.
I'm very excited to get this project released. I think there is a little something on there for everyone! 

With the holiday season, live music gigs slow down a bit but I do have a few gigs coming up this month.......so, if you want to brave the cold, get your party on and have a beer with me, come on out!! Please check http://www.erinjamesmusic.com/   or www.reverbnation.com/erinjames for December show dates.

I've been writing a lot lately and there are a few pieces I'm very proud of! Seems like I'm in a phase right now of writing very off the wall, weird lyrics. I guess I've grown a bit tired of rhyming blue and true... and love and above....town and down......the list goes on and on... but every country song has a lot of familiar words..... just sayin'!

It's funny that people always ask me why I chose to stay "traditional". Hmmm, I don't really consider myself  "traditional", but the love I have for traditional music can be heard in what I do. I guess that is what brought me to Nashville! 
I've definitely been inspired by Red Dirt Music of Texas and Oklahoma....My music is a perfect fit with this genre. Speaking of Red Dirt country, check out this YouTube video of a recent OK performance  - the song is a tune I wrote, Liar Liar, Trailer on Fire - hey, burn down that doublewide baby!  Love the "Red Dirt" audiences! A special thanks to Tony Holden and Holden Productions for the clip!

Speaking on music, I tell you what I'm not ..... I'm not the "is that a pop, christian, rock or country artist?" ..... You can barely tell the difference on the radio anymore! Occasionally, you will hear a banjo thrown in, or a fiddle lick and steel guitar riff every now an then. Unfortunately, what we hear on the air are the same melodies and chord structures with the same layering of 20 guitar parts and synth strings...People,  please leave the synth string tracks of the 80's where it belongs.... haha! I do LOVE me some 80's synth now, hehe....

In the works is a video interview with the wonderful Michael Clair and another demo session for all these new tunes I've been writing. AND if anyone wants to sponsor a music video with Me and Unknown Hinson feel free to hit me up ( Gotta raise a few more bucks...donations always appreciated!) Yeah, I've already got it worked out in my head...yes, yes, yes!!! I LOVE Unknown Hinson and want to shoot either Wilted Flower, or Hell or Paradise...Or maybe even Liar Liar with Hank 3? Either way, I would be a happy girl!

I hope everyone has a great holiday. Again, I thank anyone reading this for stopping by. THANK YOU for the ongoing support. 

Please continue to check back!.... And maybe even buy a track or two of the new record:)!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Erin James News - Radio Interview and the UK

Erin James filming video clips at the childhood
home of Mickey Mantle.

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've blogged...I'm terrible at this stuff...haha!  Anyway just thought I would update you all on what's been going on with me. Still gigging both on the road and on Broadway in Nashville, TN.  I just did a show with Uncle Kracker in Oklahoma and had a great time. Buffalo Run Casino is always a fun play to perform.  I'm also working on a little video of some of my recent performances. I was fortunate to do a short interview piece and that should be up on YouTube soon! 

In case you missed it, I did a cool interview I did on the Sideman Show with the fabulous Michael "Bear" Clair. We discussed my upcoming UK tour and I played some of my new tunes! This is your sneak peak into my new album - Click here to listen to the entire interview! 

Well, I'm only three weeks away from going to the UK and couldn't be more excited.  Now what to do with my dog??? Anybody need an obese hound dog that sleeps all day? Haha!

I really want to thank everyone who has continued to support me. The music biz is in a weird place right now and it's harder than ever to keep the momentum going. Even the major labels are trying to figure it out!  With friends, family and fan support, I can muster up to courage to keep going! 

Will be putting new tunes up soon. Please keep checking my sites.

Thanks again!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Erin James News - Recent interviews and press

Erin James- a whole lotta interviewing going on!

Wow, the press has been kind with great feature articles on Erin James as she comes back home to Maryland for a few gigs. 

Check out these recent articles on Erin James:
Carroll County Times:

Frederick County Times:
Linganore Grad Erin James records new CD with Grammy Award winning Producer; To perform locally Memorial Day Weekend.

Frederick News Post:

Westminster Patch:
Songwriters Association of Washington:


Don't forget to sign up for her fan list on Reverbnation.  Click here.

See you at the next Erin James show!

-Erin James Street Team

Friday, April 8, 2011

Erin James News - Recording session... in process!

Erin James recording session - Spring 2011
 Session time...

Hey guys! Well, the album is well underway and turning out amazing! I got to use some of my favorite players on this record... Brent Mason, Glenn Worf, Stuart Duncan, Shannon Forest, Randy Kohrs and Paul Franklin. The tracks are phenomenal! I cut my vocals this month and then off to mixing with Julian King in May.  Can't wait for you to hear the new songs! The  guys were phenomenal to work with and we had a lot of fun too.

Erin James with producer and
Grammy Award winner Brent Mason

I'm feeling very blessed and grateful at this time for the opportunity to get in the studio with these industry legends. It has been one of my life long dreams to cut this record... now I just need your prayers that great things will come from it!

I'm forewarning all of you that this record is a bit...shall we say...edgy.  I managed to mix marketable country, cry-in-your-beer country, bluegrass, and my depressive 90's rocker side all together.  No small task! But it's real... something you don't hear often on the radio. AND I wrote every song by myself (which is very rare in Nashville!!!)  
Thanks to everyone for stopping by and checking my blog and other sites. I appreciate you all! 
Please share "Erin James" widgets with on your webpages and encourage friends to sign up on my fan list for the latest news on my album release.
This has been a long journey for me..(in music that is) and I'm really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Thank God! :)
Erin James Recording Session Spring 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Erin James News - New Album Is a Dream Come True

Erin James  Nashville TN

After the past 4-5 months of writing, writing, and more writing, I finally have the songs ready for upcoming album w/ Brent Mason! This is truly a dream come true for me. I haven't had full production music available since 2007, and frankly, I'm drowning in unfinished acoustic demos...haha!!!

We should be in the studio in a matter of weeks. Brent just has to fit me somewhere in the middle of the Kristen Chenoweth record, and the George Strait record...whoo hoo! I also will be working w/ the amazing Chuck Ainlay. What an honor! Now if I can talk  my all time favorite steel player Paul Franklin into playing on the project, I will be in musical heaven!

Well, other than that, I just booked a fair this week back home in Maryland in May so it will be good to see my family and friends. More details to come!
Well that's it for now.....Please keep up w/ me on FB and Twitter.
Love hearing from everyone!

Don't forget to check out videos on YouTube and download songs on Revebnation


Friday, January 14, 2011

Erin James News- Finalist Times Two in the 27th Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest

Erin James - rehearsal at SIR Nashville
Starting off the New Year right!

Songwriting contests are tough.  You try to pick one or two songs that represent who you are - your style - your individuality.  I often have trouble deciding which ones make the cut especially as I work on my next album. 

In December I heard that not one but TWO of my songs were finalists in the 27th Annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest sponsored by the Songwriters Association of Washington.  "100 Shades of Gray" was a finalist in the adult contemporary category and "Greatest Love That Never Was" was a finalist in the country category.  This is indeed an honor.  The contest draws entries from all over the country and it is great to have two songs recognized. You can check out "100 Shades of Gray" on youtube. The awards banquet will be held on January 23rd at Jammin' Java in Vienna Virginia.  I can't attend because of commitments in Nashville but I am sure it will be a great event!

I love those songs but I think my new material is even better - actually some of my best work to date.  I just had a chance to go into the studio and lay down some new tracks.   It won't be long until I'll be able to share them with you.  (All good things in time!)

So for now, check out my tunes on www.reverbnation.com/erinjames.  You can download and purchase songs there. And get your friends on board by having them "like" my reverbnation page and my website.

Thanks for all your support.  Stay tuned - I can feel the energy aligning in 2011!